Genomic Landscape of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) on the Basis of 2017 ELN Classification and Other Mutations in Adult AML - Single Healthcare System Data

Image credit: Blood


Recently, genomic mutation profiling of leukemic cells has been actively studied and some results have been integrated into the 2017 ELN classification with cytogenetic analysis for risk assessment of AML populations.1 However, only a few mutations are well identified and included in the 2017 ELN classification. In addition, except interaction between NPM1 and FLT-ITD, correlation and co-occurrence among various mutations have not been well studied. Here we describe our single center genomic landscapes of 2017 ELN guideline components with other NGS mutations in adult AML.

Yuan Du
Yuan Du
Senior Data Scientist

My interests include applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Healthcare.