Adverse Impact of Mutations in DNA Methylation Regulatory Genes on the Prognosis of AML Patients in the 2017 ELN Favorable Risk Group

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In 2017, the European LeukemiaNet (ELN) stratified AML patients into 3 risk groups based on the presence or absence of specific chromosome abnormalities and selected gene mutations.1 However, some studies have suggested that the prognosis or CR rates are heterozygous in the 2017 ELN favorable group depending on the specific co-existing mutations.2 Although they were not included in 2017 ELN due to an insufficient accumulation of evidence, some mutations involved in DNA methylation, including DNMT3A and IDH1/2, revealed adverse effects in AML prognosis.1,3-5 The goal of the current study was to evaluate how the DNA methylation regulatory (DNA-MR) gene mutations may impact the outcomes of AML patients categorized as favorable risk according to the ELN risk stratification.

Yuan Du
Yuan Du
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