Awesome data science presentations and tools

Recently, I discovered a few pretty cool tools, R-based and easy to follow.

  • R Presentation Themes

    • Why uses R presentation?

      1. Take advantage of R Markdown . You can write all your slides in Markdown text
      2. Power of interchange. You can include chunks of R code and rendered output like plots, results, tables, etc. in your slides
      3. Version control and sharing. You can use git for version control and share your GitHub repository
    • My current favorate Xaringan nanja-theme was developed by Emi Tanaka.

  • Data Cleaning/Data Wrangling tool kit - Tidyverse

I’m finishing up on an advanced statistical class “Significance Test” by using R presentation and will share the code on Github.
so stay tuned…

Yuan Du
Yuan Du
Senior Data Scientist

My interests include applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Healthcare.