My journey of being a research statistician


I’ve always been a person with a curious mind that constantly searches and looks for the truth. The wonder of history and the future, and pursuing on the insights drives me to the field of Statistics. I didn’t choose this field but I was accidentally inspired to be in the field. It was difficult for me to understand all the mathmatics and it’s still difficult till this day. But the more I know, the better I understand that how much I don’t know.


Being pressured to achieve in this world from society has always made me self-doubt. Accepting the truth of human weakness and knowing that I’m not perfect and I don’t need to be perfect helps me to identify myself and be humble. Data Science is the emerging field that requries multidisciplinary knowledge and meanwhile creates different level of opportunities for everyone. You don’t need a fancy PhD to be a Data Scientist. The unique background and learning apitude makes a better scientist. Embracing the powerlessness as a human is the power that drives people to grow in a healthy way.


The wilingness to make a better decision and to make a better world through love and passion pushes me to go above and beyond and move forward. Our daily life is affected by technology heavily. and there are still a lot of challenges that we want to make an improvement on. My grandma from my dad side passed away from stamoch cancer, my grandma from my mom side passed away from acute pancreatitis. It was a tough time for me to watch my grandma in the ICU and breathed on the ventilation machine. I had the fear of being in the hospital and somehow I ended up in healthcare research and work now as a Biostatistician in the hospital. My knowledge of medicine and healthcare over the years has increased dramatically and there is still so much to learn about medical terminology, clinical process, insurance, billing, coding, policy, etc.


Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Especially during this pandemic, you see the fears, the chaos, the riots, the unjustice, the hypocrisy, the love and the hate. I’m very grateful to survive and thrive during the difficult time. This chaotic event makes people realize how weak we are as human beings. Scientific research becomes more and more important to help with medical advancement and knowledge improvement. I believe the ultimate solution of this unclear state of world is “Faith, Hope and Love.and the greatest of these is Love” .

Yuan Du
Yuan Du
Senior Data Scientist

My interests include applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Healthcare.